2 Days Conference | 6 Powerful Talks
20+ Expert Speakers | 6 Intensive Workshops
2 Power Lunches | 1 Global Networking Night
17 – 18 October, 2024
Bangkok, Thailand
Waldorf Astoria Bangkok
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Dear Delegates

Turkey is a key player in the global market and its economy is expected to continue to grow at an unprecedented rate over the next few years. It is essential that you attend this event to stay informed and connected.

The global economic landscape has undergone a significant shift in recent years, with technology-based companies emerging amid sluggish growth. To adapt to this changing landscape, companies must develop more regional supply chains and devolve more management and operations to the local level. Some of the deceleration in growth can be attributed to the natural weakening of the business cycle after several years of relatively strong economic growth.

To remain relevant in the 21st-century economy, it is crucial to understand the challenges facing economic institutions, how they are evolving, and the impact of these shifts in the international economic architecture on economic growth prospects.

At the Global Chamber – World Expo Congress 2024, we are dedicated to offering a unique service to all Chambers of Commerce and global businesses with a focus on topics that are current and relevant for the next few years, such as Next Generation Technology, Excellence in Corporate Governance, Fundamentals of Cyber Security, Digital Finance, and Critical Global Sustainability.

We are honored to invite you to our Global Chamber – World Expo Congress 2024, to be held at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria in Bangkok on the 17th and 18th of October 2024. Our world-class event features 24 highly anticipated speakers who are members of the world’s governing organizations, and you will have the opportunity to interact with over 300 other delegates from various Chambers within Asia and the rest of the world as well as global business leaders and industry experts.

Lastly, we have sent a personal invitation to the Embassy of Turkey in Bangkok, and we hope to see you there too, where we will personally welcome you to the event.

Listed Chambers of Turkey

Acipayam Chamber of CommerceCayeli Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Adana Chamber of CommerceCeyhan Chamber of Commerce
Adana Chamber of IndustryDenİzlİ Chamber of Industry
Adana Sanayi OdasiDuzce Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Adiyaman Chamber of Commerce and IndustryEdirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Aegean Region Chamber of IndustryElazig Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Afsin Chamber of Commerce and IndustryEskisehir Chamber of Commerce
Afyonkarahisar Chamber of Commerce and IndustryFethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Akcakoca Chamber of Commerce and IndustryGaziantep Chamber of Commerce
Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and IndustryGİresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Aksehir Chamber of Commerce and IndustryGuneydogu Lojistik
Alaca Chamber of Commerce and IndustryIgdir Chamber of commerce and Industry
Alanya Chamber of Comerce and IndustryIsparta Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Amasya Chamber of Commerce and IndustryIstanbul Chamber of Commerce
Ankara Chamber of CommerceIstanbul Chamber of Commerce
Antakya Chamber of Commerce and IndustryIstanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters’ Association
Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industryİsveç Ticaret Merkezi: Swedish Chamber of Commerce
Ardahan Chamber of Commerce and IndustryIzmir Chamber of Commerce
Arhavi Chamber of Commerce and IndustryKahramanmaras Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Austria Chamber in TurkeyKayseri Chamber of Commerce
Bafra Chamber of Commerce and IndustryKirikkale Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Balikesir Chamber of IndustryKocaeli Chamber of Commerce
Bayburt Chamber of Commerce and IndustryKonya Chamber of Commerce
Bİlecİk Chamber of Commerce and IndustryKutahya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Bitlis Chamber of Commerce and IndustryMardin Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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