2 Days Conference / 6 Talks
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15-16 October, 2020
Chief Digital Officer in HAKOVO

Sahril Bin Mahmood

Sahril Bin Mahmood, with more than 20 years in Trade and Technology, is the Chief Digital Officer in HAKOVO. He is responsible for seeking new business opportunities to exploit technology for our Customers.
Prior to HAKOVO, Sahril was concurrently the Head of Business Innovation at Singapore Customs and Deputy Director of the National Trade Platform (NTP) Programme Office – which developed and deployed the multiple award-winning One-Stop Next-Generation trade information management platform, to support companies in the trade, logistics and finance. Sahril had also worked in supply chain operations, management & consultancy in leading companies such as DHL, SIA Engineering Company, Schlumberger and Black & Decker.



Sahril graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Engineering and obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Management from the University of Sunderland.
A Singaporean, Sahril is a travel and history buff. He revels in learning about the places he visits, and the lessons local history has for our future.


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