2 Days Conference / 6 Talks
20+ Speakers / 2 Workshops
2 Power Lunches / 1 Networking Night

15-16 October, 2020

Ivano Iannelli

Ivano is an award-winning environmental economist who leverages 20 years of private sector and United Nations experience to help businesses transit to low-carbon models and improve resource efficiency.

Currently serving as the CEO of the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence, Ivano has been at the forefront of global conversations on sustainability and development economics for over two decades. He is a recognised expert in corporate transitions to low carbon, and regularly speaks at prominent events to challenge the status quo and spur businesses towards efficiency in resource use.

He has previously served with the United Nations as a senior official, and with the UNOPR as Chief of Programmes. His roles have taken him all over Africa and Asia as he focused on creating policies across the integrated energy and waste value chain to attract financing for a USD 770 million project portfolio.



His career path includes involvement in key projects such as the creation of a Super ESCO, the Dubai Carbon Abatement Policy, the USD 27 billion Green Fund, and CO2 inventories for the UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait.

He regularly lectures at universities in the fields of sustainability and carbon emission management, and is a board member of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) as well as the Green Project Management Association.

Ivano’s recent certification in Disruptive Innovation and Sustainable Business Modelling from Harvard University complements his MBA from Coventry and other education and professional qualifications.

Recent recognitions include the MBR Business Award, an Innovation Award from the UAE Ministry of Finance, and inclusion by Arabian Business in a list of the 100 smartest people in the region.


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