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15-16 October, 2020 Aims to Bring 30,000 Chambers to Be Listed on Its Platform by 2020


Chambers of Commerce came into existence way back in 1599, when the first Chamber was founded in Marseille, France. Back then, business people worked to establish an organization with the backing of the city council. These were associations of tradesmen organized for the protection and promotion of commerce. The emergence of the Chamber as a true community organization came later as businessmen came to realize that their own prosperity was dependent upon the development of a prosperous, healthy, and happy community.

Fast forward to 2019, Chambers through the centuries have changed and adapted to meet the needs of the current business community. However, the true meaning and perceived value of a Chamber membership seems to have disintegrated along the way. Singapore-based Skyhigh.Vip aims to bring back and reinstate the former glory of Chambers globally.

SkyHigh.Vip serves as an interconnected online listing platform for all the Chambers around the world. The interoperability and global reach achieved by Skyhigh.Vip, dubbed as the “Airbnb of Chambers of Commerce”, is bar none.

All basic listings on Skyhigh.Vip’s platform are free and they forever will be. However members are able to opt for a premium listing and wider exposure for just a nominal fee. works with referral partners and affiliates from around the globe. Their main sales and operations facility is situated in Bangkok, Thailand. This facility currently oversees the activities of over 20,000 chambers globally and up-dates all information on a real time basis.

“Our unique online search and listing platform allows visitors to locate suitable Chambers based on their geographical region, industry and the range of exclusive events and activities organized. This platform provides a global marketplace for both Chambers and potential members to meet as well as fuels possible collaboration and facilitates cross-border trade. We aim to hit the magic number of 30,000 active Chambers of Commerce listed on our platform by 2020. It is achievable.” said Francis Michael, Chief Operating Officer of Skyhigh.Vip.

Historically, Chambers of Commerce memberships have rarely been publicized or marketed outside their own individual zone of influence, but with current technological advancements, is able to provide the fundamental link between Chambers and their potential members globally. Members stand to benefit from the transparency and direct connectivity accorded so that they are able to make well informed decisions.

SkyHigh.Vip is managed by an energized team of creative individuals with competent backgrounds in the areas of Finance / Business Management / International Marketing / Public Relations and Corporate Relations.