2 Days Conference / 6 Talks
20+ Speakers / 2 Workshops
2 Power Lunches / 1 Networking Night

15-16 October, 2020

Next Generation Technology

You will be inspired by the innovators who are at the heart of the next tech revolution and driving the changes

Come and Discover the Future Trends and Understand the Technologies That Will Drive the New Global Economy

We welcome you to meet the brightest minds in technological innovation, the investors and the tech experts and delve into the world of emerging Next Generation Technology

Let us engage with the tech experts and learn how Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation are changing our economies and the way we operate. In this day and age where wide-spread coordinated cyber threats continually pose a serious global crisis, you will be presented with opportunities to explore predictive analytics and learn to identify suspicious activity so that you will be able to detect the early warning signs of an impending attack and take the necessary steps to protect your critical infrastructure. Business leaders will share the secrets on how to rapidly adapt to new opportunities and challenges to capitalize on future technologies so as to gain a competitive advantage as you shape the future of your business.

Key Topics for Discussion

1) Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the future of businesses.

2) Cyber Security – Early detection and prevention.

3) Digital transformation of businesses thru utilization of technology for cloud and Big Data.

4) Digital disruption- The revolution of e-commerce.



A thorough understanding of how technological advancements take into account and integrate ecological and social sustainability will be attained through the interactive workshops. You will also receive answers to questions on how to harness and identify the untapped potential of e-commerce to utilising it as a key pillar of business strategy whilst leveraging on the technologies that will revolutionise our world. Attendees will learn about platforms that will fundamentally change the way our societies innovate, collaborate, produce, govern and live sustainably.


Jason Peterson

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