2 Days Conference / 6 Talks
20+ Speakers / 2 Workshops
2 Power Lunches / 1 Networking Night

15-16 October, 2020

Global Economy Beyond 2020

Join us as we speak to industry experts and analysts who examine the key challenges affecting the global economy and discuss the implications for your industry

Come and Learn About the Most Recent Developments in Global Economic Analysis As Well As About the Policies Influencing Globalization

Understand the impact of surging financial market volatility and the current plunging trade growth on the recession outlook amidst the widespread sense of uncertainty and much needed structural reforms

We bring together business leaders and economic strategists to share their ideas on how to leverage innovation and digital transformation to grow top-line revenue and reduce costs to avoid a major squeeze on profits in the coming years. As talks of a looming global recession continues its’ tremulous assault on the financial world, learn how to be creative and resourceful, consider new options and controversial ideas on effective collaboration to find new, unique, and commercially viable measures of addressing these issues. Come and explore how countries around the globe have accelerated structural reforms to diversify their economies and boost the role of the private sector in creating jobs for the rapidly developing labor forces. Discuss the fundamental changes that are reshaping the global economy beyond 2020 and how these changes are going to impact your business.

Key Topics for Discussion

1) Risk of a global recession.

2) Effects of trade & economic sanctions.

3) Implications of Brexit on businesses.

4) New era of globalization.



You can look forward to gaining a clear in-depth understanding of the importance of implementing reforms that boost growth prospects. Learn more about the contributions of emerging economies and developing countries to global economic growth as well as how current trade and economic sanctions are affecting businesses globally. With major indicators pointing to a generalized, global economic slowdown, you will be given pointers on how to be prepared to take the necessary steps to mitigate the impact on your business and plan your investments wisely.


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