2 Days Conference / 6 Talks
20+ Speakers / 2 Workshops
2 Power Lunches / 1 Networking Night

15-16 October, 2020

FORGING Chambers Ahead

Revive and forge your Chamber ahead to meet the current needs of today’s world

Come and Gain Critical Insights into Today’s Most Crucial and Significant Issues Affecting Chambers of Commerce Globally

Explore subjects relevant to your member’s businesses and keep up with key global developments

Let us learn to overcome the problems plaguing Chambers all over the world with respect to outreach and relevancy by bridging the gap between your Chamber and your members and upgrading the sophistication and specialization of your existing services. You will be given the opportunity to maximize the use of the interactive workshops to make connections that will last a lifetime. One of the valuable take-aways given to you would be pointers on how to reframe your Chamber’s goals and shift your focus to helping your existing members achieve theirs. You will also have ample time during the networking sessions to brainstorm with Global Chambers’ representatives on how you can inject new life into your own Chamber.

Key Topics for Discussion

  1. Problems and difficulties affecting Chambers of Commerce globally today.
  2. Using technology to achieve your Chamber’s goals.
  3. Blueprint for the Chamber of the future.
  4. Chamber success strategies and best practices.



You will learn to adapt to the realities of the networked world by making significant changes to the operations and management principles of your Chamber before finally engaging in thought provoking and stimulating interactions with business leaders and representatives from across the global chambers network.


Jason Peterson

Brand and business strategy is there to define where brands need to go. And since the world is on fire, that’s a whole lot of fun.



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